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Discover your dream to study in Germany

Germany is one of the most  ideal study destinations to study abroad. It boast of  World-class education, an exciting urban life that has  beautiful landscapes, and the people there are among of the most welcoming with people of different cultures from all over the globe.

With so many different kinds of universities to choose from all of which offer excellent quality education there are more reasons that should make you convinced to study in Germany.

Reasons why you should study in Germany

1. Post study stay back option

Students who study in Germany have the chance to stay to look for work after they graduate. International graduates are allowed to stay for an additional 18 months to look for work, and may end up even staying longer.

2. Work while you study

International students in Germany are permitted to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours every week or 120 full days every year. Students do not require any extra qualifications since employment opportunities are easily available, ranging across fields like hospitality, retail, administration and more. By working part time while studying you can earn more money to cater for your living costs and also increase your employability and work experience at the same time. 

3. Very Low to free tuition fees

You not only get world-class education when you study in Germany but it is surprisingly cheaper than several other countries. Education in Germany may require a very low tuition fee or none at all in some cases which makes it  the only leading global study destination where many universities do not charge any tuition fees.

4. Affordable living expenses

Compared to most Western European nations, living costs in Germany are relatively affordable. Although costs may be slightly higher in some major cities in Germany they are no way comparable to cities like Paris or London.

5. No bank statements required for Visa

Financial proof is one of the essential documents to apply for a student visa and a study residence permit in Germany. However for International students from a non-EU or a non-EEA country don’t have to provide bank statements but only proof of financial funds to demonstrate that you can support your studies in Germany.

6. Study programs are taught in English

Most German universities are suited for international students as most offer English-taught programmes.

7. Globally recognized qualifications

Study programs in Germany are tailored to meet global standards.  At the end of your course, you will be certified with a degree that is globally recognized and valued. The degree you get in Germany will be highly acclaimed increasing your employability.

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