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If you have been thinking about studying abroad, you have probably considered USA as one of your study destinations. Considered the land of opportunity, U.S. has become one of the most popular university destinations for international students from across the world seeking to study undergraduate and graduate programs.

There are more than a handful reasons why you should choose to study in USA. Whether you’re looking to study for a bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, or MBA in the USA, here are some of the top reasons why you should study in USA.

Why You should Study In USA

1. Study in the world's leading universities

The US has over 4000 universities across the country, with most of them being top ranked universities in the world. With the large number of  universities and colleges you are able to get access to a wide range of degrees and courses in all academic fields in both undergraduate and graduate level of study. US degrees are also recognized and accepted across the world.

2. Post study stay back options

USA is an a very immigration-friendly country that gives international students a stay back options hence most international studies prefer studying in USA.

The OPT in option in USA allows students to stay back and work after  completing their studies. Students are allowed to work for 12 months once they complete their course In USA.
A post Study Work permit in USA under OPT is for 12 months after a student completes their program. The are allowed to stay back in USA for 1 year under the OPT.

3. Cultural diversity

US welcomes diverse people from across the world to study, work and live.  Most schools even have diversity events on college campuses, college multicultural centers, or activities that encourage cultural diversity. Students are able to learn and grow, build social skills and also get exposed to multiple perspectives. 

4. Lively and vibrant campus life

Sometimes when moving to a new campus in a foreign country what makes a world’s difference between one university and the next is campus life. Studying in schools in USA opens you up to new ideas, new people and incredible new  experiences.

5. Study in schools with state of the art facilities

USA has some of the top universities in the world with top of the art building and sports facilities and a variety of new age digital and technology oriented infrastructure.

6. Career Opportunities

Most schools in USA ensure you get the opportunity to gain valuable skills which employers seek including confidence and language skills. You are therefore well poised to get opportunities in the huge job market should you choose to remain in the US to work.

How To Apply

Talk to our counselors to advice you on which schools are best for courses you want. Once you have chosen the school, you will need make an application. Every school has different requirements for application.
It is more advisable to start you application an year before you want to start your studies.
Contact us we will help you make your application. We will guide you through all of the required processes for FREE till you get to USA
Get expert advise on:

  • The documents you need to apply
  • The tuition fees required
  • The cost of living – Rent and how much it will cost to live in USA
  • Other things required like Language tests, VISA, health insurance and more
  • Accommodation

Interested in studying in USA? Talk to our counsellor.

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