It’s tough making decisions about your career and education, but it doesn’t have to be that hard.
Let LinkPro help you make the right study abroad decisions.

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Choosing a college, course or career can be difficult.

There are endless choices – location, size, facilities. The guidance and support you need can be hard to find.

LinkPro Consult prioritizes your needs and offers you comprehensive faculties, study abroad academic support services, career guidance, entrance exams training and a support network.

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Study abroad myths are everywhere, but do they hold any water?

Studying abroad is too expensive:
This is far from the truth. So many people have been able to study abroad on a budget successfully. With the help of your counselor at LinkPro Consult, a little extra work, and careful planning, studying abroad can actually be very affordable and made to suit your financial ability.

I won’t know anybody:
The first few weeks will be awkward, no doubt! But that feeling will pass. Our study abroad program runs orientation activities to help you develop your intercultural communication skills. By studying abroad with LinkPro Consult, you’ll experience the world and make lasting friendships.

I don’t know the local language:
If you think you won’t study abroad because you don’t speak the local language, don’t worry. You will surprise yourself with how quickly you will learn common phrases and everyday words once you arrive, and before you know it, you’ll feel completely at ease in your new home.

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“The assistance was great. I wouldn’t have settled in well if not for the great support from LinkPro. Even after I graduated, I was guided to get a non-student accommodation.”
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“LinkPro helped me secure admission with my school of choice, gave me advice and guided me through for my visa application and booking of flight.”
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“I heard about LinkPro from a friend. LinkPro helped me secure admission and processed my Visa. They also guided me on how to get comfortable and affordable accommodation.”
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“LinkPro helped me through my visa application process. I got information and guidance on how to organise and manage required documents for the visa application.”
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