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Canada is an amazing country that offers many exciting and varying opportunities. Canada has become a popular option for international students especially those looking for an affordable alternative than studying in the US. Canadian universities are now providing equally prestigious and quality degrees and at a more affordable cost.

Whether you choose to study in the large vibrant cities or study in a small campus in a warm, welcoming community, you will find higher education institutions that will help you achieve your goals in locations that suit your lifestyle. You get to build a career and even a future in Canada, or even better prospects should you chose to head back home.

Fun Facts About Canada

Know More About Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and shares the world’s largest border with its neighbour, the United States. Canada is known for its natural beauty and wildlife. Canada’s population is just over 35 million people with majority of the population living in highly urbanized areas. Canada experiences all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall) and Winter.

Why You should Study In Canada

1. Quality education with internationally recognized qualifications

Canadian college and university qualifications are recognised around the world. The Canadian educational system encourages cross-disciplinary studies and the development of transferable skills. Programmes also make use of cutting-edge technology and digital media

2. Post study stay back option

International students who get Higher Education from Canada would most likely prefer to stay in Canada and settle. The good news is that after completing your Bachelor’s, Master or Post Doctoral Degree, you can apply for the Canadian work permit. The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program permits students to work up to 3 years, the time may vary according to the course duration. For 1-year study program you are allowed to stay 1 year after course completion. If you pursue a 2 year program you can stay back for 3 years.

3. Affordability

Compared to most of the other top study destinations, the tuition fees and cost of living in Canada are very affordable. In fact, tuition fees in Canada are some of the lowest in all of the English-speaking countries

4. Work while you study

Students in Canada are legally entitled to work 20 hours a week, provided they attend a designated institution, obtain a Social Insurance Number and do not violate the number of hours per week that they work.  Part time jobs to do during your studies are not hard to find and students can often find flexible employment that allows them the time they need to study and attend class.

5. High standard of living and Safe, multi-cultural learning environment

Canada has a highly diverse population, resulting in a rich and vibrant cultural scene. International students also enjoy the same freedom as citizens of Canada including respect for human rights, equality, and the right to reside in a stable and peaceful society.
According to the QS World University Rankings, three Canadian cities – Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver – are among the top 50 student cities in the world. This ranking is based on several criteria including affordability, the diversity of the student population, and employers’ perception of graduates on the job market.

6. Work while you study

Possession of a UK student Visa automatically allows international students to work and study in the UK. Students can work for a maximum of 20 hours each week and 40 hours a week when on school breaks. The United Kingdom also operates with a minimum wage which comes with an hourly pay rate.

Cost of Studying in Canada

Canada is cheaper compared to most English-speaking countries. The cost of tuition for a university undergraduate degree can range between CA$ 15,000 to CA$ 25,000 depending on the institution and the program you choose to study. Tuition fees for arts and humanities degrees tend to be lower than degrees in engineering or medicine.

Don’t forget about the living costs as well. Factor in costs for housing, meals, transport, books and more. Make sure you understand the fee breakdown of the institution you choose.

How To Apply

Talk to our counselors to advice you on which schools are best for courses you want. Once you have chosen the school, you will need make an application. Every school has different requirements for application.
It is more advisable to start you application an year before you want to start your studies.
Contact us we will help you make your application. We will guide you through all of the required processes for FREE till you get to Canada
Get expert advise on:

  • The documents you need to apply
  • The tuition fees required
  • The cost of living – Rent and how much it will cost to live in Canada
  • Other things required like Language tests, VISA, health insurance and more
  • Accommodation

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