Personalised end-to-end study abroad services

Study Abroad Services

Need help choosing the right course, school or country to study?

With many universities around the world offering world-class education, there are many attractive possibilities for you as an international student to study abroad.  However, how do you weigh your options in order to figure out which one is best for you? 

We will help you find your own ideal study abroad destination. We have experienced study abroad experts who give personalised guidance and the information you need to make an informed decision, covering university everything from admissions, fees, scholarships, visas, local life and more. 


With You Every Step Of The Way

From when you first reach out to us all to your first day in campus, we walk with you to ensure a smooth and stress free process for you so you can focus on what lies ahead of you; achieving your dreams. 


1. Book A Free Consultation Session

Reach us and we will link you up with our counsellors to  understand what your needs are.

2. Career Counselling

We will help you assess your skills, strengths, interests, and needs in order to find a career that works for you and one that aligns to the job market.

3. Course and institution selection

Leave the hard work to us. Our team is experienced in finding the best course and institutions for you that offer globally accredited programs. They will help you research and narrow down programmes that align with your preferences like Intake year, location, budget and more.

4. School Admission Processing​

We will help you shortlist institutions to apply to, process documents required, submit your application and follow up with the institutions.

5. Entrance Exam Training​.

You may be required to take a test depending on the country and university of choice. We offer IELTS, UCAT, GMAT & PTE training.

6. Visa Guidance & Processing​

We will take you through  all Visa Processes.

  1. Help with the completing forms and documents making visa payments 
  2. Checking and verifying all support documents
  3. Making appointments for students for Visa Submission
  4. In-depth visa interview preparation

7. Flights Booking & Accommodation​

Got your Visa and school offer letter? Next up,  flight and accommodation. Talk to us we will ease the process for you by getting you a flight and accommodation suited to your budget and needs.

8. Pre-departure briefing

We provide pre departure briefing to our students to
prepare them and give them a good understanding of what to expect at the university they’ve selected and new country. Students become more equipped and confident when travelling and settling into their accommodation.
We guide you through the entire process from
boarding to landing and arriving at your accommodation and to make the experience more seamless. We also link them up with fellow international students before arriving
on campus.

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